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The legendary name of Hong Kong means “scented port”, “incense door” or “scented side”. Here is one of the names of this ancient rock by which generations of English adventurers passed entire cargoes of opium before giving way to all the businessmen and self-made men of the planet.
A British colonial confetti that became one of the beacons of capitalism in Asia and returned to the Chinese Communist fold in 1997 with a special status, more and more submissive to the central power.
Despite the retrocession, Hong Kong continues to cultivate a particular identity. Behind the tunes of the London City or the small New York of Asia, it is a Chinese city where the heart of a population mainly comes from Canton and Shanghai.
What future in the middle of the empire? Since the handover that has raised many questions, Hong Kong can not quite hide its fear of the future: autonomy and freedom vis-à-vis Beijing and, of course, the constant concern to preserve its prosperity economy, not to mention the problems of urbanization that are linked to it.
Nevertheless, Hong Kong wants to remain this symbol of success in Asia: how to cultivate a prosperity and a separate identity, while integrating in Greater China.

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